Hi I’m Zachary Lazarevski and welcome to Thoughtful Musician, – “Learn Music The Natural Way.”

Congratulations, You have stumbled upon a very unique business and you are in for a real treat. We teach music differently. Our lessons are unlike any other lessons in Australia. With us you can become as good at speaking the language of music as you are at speaking your native language.

With us, you will learn music like a language, you will enjoy every lesson and practice session. You will learn to listen, perform, improvise, sing, chant rhythms, learn by ear, compose, accompany, transpose, read and write.

According to the research of Edwin E. Gordon, music is learned in the same way that native language is learned. There are five vocabularies: the listening vocabulary, performing vocabulary, improvisation/audiation vocabulary, reading vocabulary and writing vocabulary. There is a music learning sequence: each vocabulary provides readiness for the next.

We will teach you how to learn a whole piece of music whilst listening to an mp3 recording on your phone as you commute home from work, then you can sit at the piano and play it correctly the first time. You will learn how to improvise music in any style. You will learn how to read and write music as fluently as you read and write in your native language.

This is what can happen when music is learned like a language. You learn rhythm patterns and tonal patterns as easily as you learned new words as a child. You develop a rhythm pattern and tonal pattern vocabulary. As your pattern vocabulary increases you can understand and learn music entirely by ear. You can improvise using any combination of these patterns and you can read and write these patterns fluently.

This is the future of music education. This is the cutting edge research-based method. This has not yet filtered down to the universities. This is enjoyable every step of the way. This produces outstandingly good results. This will give you a life-long understanding and enjoyment of music.

This is just the beginning….