Meet your new vocal coach

What my music students are saying

“I found Zac’s teaching very innovative and refreshing. He made the class interactive, fun, and his take on improvisation was next to amazing. His passion and enthusiasm for vocal “flexibility,” letting us into his well worked teachings of how to sing high notes with power by simply “crying,” adding distortion or using head voice was something I have never experienced in my years of singing. It was easy to follow, easy on throat and above all easy to pick up especially for the beginners in the class. I look forward to working with Zac now and in the future.”

– Theo

“What a great event! Especially for an absolute beginner like myself. I really enjoyed how you broke it down into sounds and especially the bit where we’d just do the sounds over the words was great. I am a total beginner, so starting from the basics was really helpful. I’m keen to do more, including the 12 week course, Please do email me more information on that, the tips, etc. Looking forward to further singing! I might come with my cousin next week!”

– Hansika
“My first session with the group and I really enjoyed the singing and meeting some good singers. For beginners it is a great start and from personal experience a song I thought I could not sing and pass as tone deaf, Zac successfully broke it down using his voice techniques and made it possible. The improvisation and Ostinato towards the end is a real treasure for music lovers. I look forward to practice more songs in coming sessions.”
– Mehul